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"Photo of children watching Watts Village Theater Company's performance of US Census: It's In Our Hands"

Watts Village Theater Company shares its talent with the community in a variety of ways. For more than 13 years, we produced artistic and educational workshops throughout the Los Angeles community. Here are some highlights:

Watts Acting Workshops, Jordan Downs, Nickerson Gardens, Imperial Courts, Hacienda Village, City of Los Angeles Perks and Recreations - 1996

Drama Workshops, The Watts Towers Arts center, City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department - 1997

Drama Workshops, Community of Caring, Jordan High School, Markham Middle School - 1998

Professional Development Workshops, Healthy Start, Jordan High School, Markham Middle School - 1997 to 2000

Drama Workshops, Yo Watts, Jordan High School, Markham Middle School, Mafundi Institute, funded by the Department of Labor - 2001 to 2003 Drama Workshop, Learning and Leadership After-School Program at New Harbor Vista, funded by Los Angeles Community Design Center - 2003

Production Workshops, Great Beginnings for Black Babies, Jordan High School, Markham Middle School, Locke High School, Gompers Middle School - 2004

Conflict Resolution via Theater of the Oppressed Techniques Workshops, Los Angeles County Department of Human Relations, Locke High School - 2004

Interactive Theater Presentation Workshops, Los Angeles County Department of Human Relations - 2006

In-School Workshops Exploring Afro/ Latino Relations in partnership with the California African American Museum and Facing History and Ourselves with New Technology High School, Fremont High School, Belmont High School and Jordan Starr High School - 2008

After-school Theater Classes in partnership with the Watts Towers Arts Center - 2010

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WVTC's 2010-2011 Season is made possible through the generous support of...

Bank of America

Department of Cultural Affairs - City of Los Angeles

California Community Fundation

National Endowment for the Arts

United Latino Fund

California Art Council

California Art Council

Los Angeles County Arts Commission


Los Angeles County


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