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Title: Meet Me @Metro
Date: May 2, 2010

Curated by: Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez

Synopsis: "Meet Me @Metro" produced by WVTC in collaboration with East LA Rep, The Nonsense Company, Moodoo Puppets, Collage Dance Theatre, and Epic Megalopolis, is an exciting, interactive, trans-disciplinary theatrical journey, taking place at Metro stops between Downtown Los Angeles and the community of Watts. Using theater, dance, puppetry, music and even food, this eclectic happening explores cultures that often converge aboard Metro that are rarely examined or understood. Meet Me @Metro reinforces the message that art lives everywhere and with us all. The following are scenes from the experience at each Metro station along the journey.

Title: Ochre & Onyx
Date: May 27, 2009

Directed by: Nataki Garrett

Synopsis: “Ochre & Onyx: The Langston Hughes Project,” produced by Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez and Damion Teeko Parran, explores the significance of one of the most revered poets of the Harlem Renaissance through the past and present. In “Ochre & Onyx,” an African-American slam poet and an Afro Latina painter contemplate Hughes’ legacy and soul in contemporary times while the literary figure’s time in Mexico during the 1920’s is recreated. The following are scenes from the play performed at the LA Design Center with a talk-back with youth from the community.

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