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Meet Me @Metro II

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Watts Village Theater Company (WVTC) in association with Watts/Century Latino Organization is pleased to bring you... Meet Me @Metro II - JULY 2-10, 2011

Meet Me @Metro II is an exciting theatrical journey that takes place at Metro stops between Watts and Long Beach. For more information go to: http://meetmeatmetro.eventbrite.com

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For the visually impaired, we recommended using this website with the browser Mozilla Firefox, which features a variety of add-ons with the ability to read text on the web page, like Speak It, SpokenText, Text to Voice/Speech.

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This activity was sponsored by California Arts Council and National Arts and Disability Center at the University of California Los Angeles...

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Watts Village Theater Company 2011 Newsletter

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WVTC thanks its programming partners...

Watts Towers Arts Center

Watts/Century Latino Organization


Metro and the Metro Art Docent Council

Transit TV

California Green Press



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WVTC's 2010-2011 Season is made possible through the generous support of...

Bank of America

Department of Cultural Affairs - City of Los Angeles

California Community Fundation

National Endowment for the Arts

United Latino Fund

California Art Council

California Art Council

Los Angeles County Arts Commission


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