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What:                      “Watts Village Theater Company Coming of Age”

                                15th Anniversary Fundraiser and Dinner

  • Celebrating 15 years of bringing theater to Watts
  • Honoring “Community Towers” who have made a substantial positive impact in our community
  • Launching our Campaign to keep WVTC growing to and through 2020


When:                     Monday, May 16, 2011 *6:30pm to 9:00pm*

Where:                    California African American Museum, Los Angeles, CA

  • Attire:  Business Casual
  • Attendance: 200 guests
  • Event Activities:  Live music, entertainment, guided tours of CAAM exhibits, and inspiring stories about people in our community who are making a difference in South Los Angeles and around the world.


Who:                       Watts Village Theater Company Board of Directors.

Since 1996, the Watts Village Theater Company has been a leader in providing acting and theatrical performance workshops for at-risk youth in the Watts Community. As a multicultural urban theater company we infuse the culturally diverse Los Angeles community with tolerance for differences and create an appreciation for all cultures through the development and production of provocative works such as “Meet Me @Metro,” a site-specific extravaganza performed on and around the Los Angeles Metro transit system. The company’s primary goal is to enrich the community of Watts and South Los Angeles with original, eclectic and socially relevant theatrical work. To read more about our performances and what we do go to www.wattsvillagetheatercompany.org to see for yourself.


Why:                        The decades of pervasive and extreme poverty concentrated in the greater Watts area have created a petri dish in which a culture of violence has thrived.  With over 30,000 residents, the Watts area is a predominantly Latino and African American community of low-income and working-class families with a large concentration of youth under the age of 18 and has one of the highest concentrations of gangs within Los Angeles County.  The fear that gangs and violence generate in this community is overwhelming to the families and youth who must not only navigate gang territories, but also deal with the harsh realities of poverty. This is why the Watts Village Theater Company seeks to inspire its community with an appreciation of all cultures through new works about contemporary social issues and provide positive alternatives for youth.


Sponsors:                Watts Village Theater Company Coming of Age Fundraising Event offers leading corporations and businesses multiple levels of brand positioning opportunities in front of hundreds of sophisticated philanthropists. Sponsors can participate in underwriting the cost of this spectacular event and/or opportunity donations.  Individuals and families can also participate in sponsorships making a positive impact on the lives of the youth and community.


Tickets:                      General admission tickets are $100 p/p. Tickets sold on wattstowerofhope.eventbrite.com


Valet Parking from 6pm-7pm is included in all sponsorship packages above the $250 contribution level.

For individual tickets Valet and General Parking is available for $10 per vehicle. 



Contact:                   Naheemah McMicheaux (Fundraising Manager):

                                David Mack (Managing Director):



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